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Lists, pages and sections to include in a Christmas planner

I always recommend using a Christmas planner with lots of space for lists and notes to help you get organised for the festive season. Whether ...
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The best Christmas cookie recipes

This week I’ve been planning my Christmas baking – so I thought I’d share some of my favourite Christmas cookie recipes with you. It might ...
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How to choose an eco-friendly Christmas jumper

The Christmas jumper has become a big part of the festive season for most of us – but buying a new one every year is ...
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Kickstart your festive shopping: visit a year-round Christmas shop

Have you heard of year-round Christmas shops? They’re a brilliant way to get your festive shopping started – and you could even plan your visit ...
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Get Christmas organised with the five minute ‘to do’ list

Have you started organising Christmas in earnest yet? If not, it might be because it feels overwhelming and too big a task. If so, you’re ...
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How to decline Christmas party invitations

I know lots of people feel guilty about not wanting to attend every festive event they’re invited to – including me. So in this blog ...
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How to make extra money for Christmas

With everything from food to energy costing more, most people have less spare cash at the moment – so how can you make extra money ...
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My tips for buying Christmas presents throughout the year

I love choosing gifts for my friends and family, but it’s a time-consuming and expensive task – which is why I always recommend buying Christmas ...
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How to cope with grief at Christmas

Christmas can be a difficult time of year for those who’ve suffered a bereavement – or are newly alone for another reason. And for those ...
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