Lists, pages and sections to include in a Christmas planner

I always recommend using a Christmas planner with lots of space for lists and notes to help you get organised for the festive season.

Whether it’s your own DIY version or a bought physical or digital planner, they’re a great way to keep your festive plans on track.

The more organised you are, the more likely you are to have the time and headspace to enjoy Christmas to the full – and hopefully even have some time to relax!

I’ve created a Christmas Organised printable planner – and also a new digital planner you can use on a tablet with the Goodnotes and Notability apps: you can find out more on the products page of the website.

Of course, if you’re creating your own planner, you can make it your own and include any lists, pages or sections you want.

It can be tricky to know where to start, so I’ve put together a list of sections to include which I think will help you get the Christmas basics sorted:

Christmas calendar

It’s a good idea to start your Christmas planner with a calendar where you can make a note of important dates such as family gatherings, holiday parties and festive events such as a Christmas lights show, pantomime or an ice skating trip.

Having a visual overview of the season will help you keep track and spot if you’re trying to cram too much in.

Your festive budget

Christmas can be a costly time of year, so it’s important to create a realistic budget for gifts, food, decorations and entertainment – and stick to it.

Tracking spending in your Christmas planner will help you stay on budget and avoid any post-Christmas financial stress.

Gift lists

Allow yourself plenty of pages for gift planning, including spaces to jot down gift ideas for each person on your list and how much you want to spend.

You can also include a tracking system for what’s been purchased, wrapped, and given.

If you’re making gifts, I recommend a dedicated section for handmade gift ideas.

You can include step-by-step instructions, materials needed, and a timeline for completing your personalised gifts.

Christmas card list

Don’t let sending Christmas cards become a last-minute scramble.

Create a section for your card list, complete with up-to-date addresses – and a checklist for when each card is sent.

Menus, food shopping and recipes

Create your Christmas menus well in advance, including all recipes and shopping lists and it’ll save you loads of time and headspace when you’re cooking for the masses.

This is also the place to make a note of any dietary requirements and make your seating plans.

Decorating plans

I recommend including a section where you can plan your ideas for this year’s Christmas decorations, including any themes or colour schemes.

You can also make a note of decorations you already own and any new ones you need to choose and purchase.

Household jobs list

Keep track of general chores and tasks that need to be completed before Christmas – and don’t forget to delegate!

Christmas films and book list

This section can serve as inspiration for cosy family nights in, help create new festive traditions – and ensure you have some time to relax.

Traditions and bucket list

Reflect on your favourite Christmas traditions and create a bucket list of festive activities you’d love to experience.

This section will help remind you to slow down and enjoy the season’s magic with your family and friends.

Volunteering and giving back

Contributing to your community and helping others can be a rewarding way to spend time at Christmas.

You can include some planner pages where you can note information about local volunteering and fundraising opportunities.

I hope you find my tips for sections to include in a Christmas planner useful.

If you’re looking for a ready-made planner you can download and start using straight away, take a look at the Christmas Organised printable planner and the new digital version you can use on your tablet.

Happy Christmas organising!

Alex x

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