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My tips for buying Christmas presents throughout the year

I love choosing gifts for my friends and family, but it’s a time-consuming and expensive task – which is why I always recommend buying Christmas ...
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How to cope with grief at Christmas

Christmas can be a difficult time of year for those who’ve suffered a bereavement – or are newly alone for another reason. And for those ...
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The UK’s best craft fairs for Christmas makes and gifts

Whether you’re an experienced crafter or just starting out, visiting the best craft fairs in the UK is a brilliant way to gather materials and ...
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The Elf on the Shelf Christmas tradition

Elf on the Shelf is a relatively new Christmas tradition where toy elves help create some extra festive magic for kids (and big kids!). The ...
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My favourite Christmas books for 2023

A big part of the magic of my Christmas is snuggling on the sofa and losing myself in a festive story. I’ve gathered a list ...
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The best new board games for 2023

One of the many things I love about Christmas is playing the best new board games with my family. There are so many new board ...
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How to choose a new theme for your Christmas decorations

If you want to plan your Christmas decorations from scratch, it can be difficult to know where to start. My top tip is to come ...
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What to do if you spent too much at Christmas

The festive season is always an expensive time and with the cost of living spiralling, Christmas 2022 was even more financially challenging than most. So ...
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Why January is the perfect month to start planning next Christmas

When it comes to Christmas, I always say the earlier you start planning the better. This is why I think January is the perfect month ...
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