Why done is better than perfect

It’s natural to want to do everything you can to ensure your family and friends have a special Christmas – but it’s also important to remember that ‘done is better than perfect’. In the past I remember feeling totally frazzled by the time Christmas Day arrived, and a large part of that was because I […]

How to spend less this Christmas

As the cost of living continues to rise, we’re all beginning to feel the pinch. Christmas is still five months away, so now is the perfect time plan for any cutbacks you might need to make this year. I recommend having a good look at your budget and making some decisions about what you can […]

How to write a Christmas round-robin newsletter

Boastful and annoying Christmas round-robin newsletters have given them a bad name – but, done well, they can also be a brilliant way to keep in touch. In my experience they help keep friendships alive and spark conversations that would never have happened if all I’d sent was a signed Christmas card. But how do […]

Embracing a more eco-friendly Christmas

If we all make just one or two small changes to reduce our environmental footprint this Christmas, it could be hugely beneficial to the planet. We’re less likely to panic buy things that we don’t really need if we plan ahead – so just by being more Christmas organised you’re most likely reducing your negative […]

The best UK Christmas markets

Visiting a Christmas market is one of my must-do Christmas traditions – it’s one of the first fun festive things I do each year and it marks the start of the celebrations! I love the lights, the atmosphere, the chance to buy Christmas decorations and gifts – and sampling some warming and delicious glühwein to […]

Christmas organising you can do in March

Sometimes I feel there’s a bit of a lull in Christmas organising in March. In January I’m still ‘in the zone’ and there’s obvious jobs to be done like tidying and storing things away after the festive season. By the end of February I’ve usually reviewed how last Christmas went, updated my Christmas card list […]

Planning for your pets at Christmas

Ever since my sister became proud owner of Indie the beagle I’ve been aware of the importance of planning ahead for pets at Christmas. Lots of people have become pet owners over the last couple of years, so there’s even more reason to get their Christmas care booked early if you know you’re going to […]

Christmas traditions inspiration from around the world

Every year I look forward to Christmas traditions that my family and I have celebrated for as long as I can remember – some of them since my childhood. But it can be good to introduce some new ones from time to time, especially if you’re not finding your existing ones enjoyable anymore! For example, […]

What to do in January to make next Christmas more fun

Christmas is almost a whole year away – so what can you possibly do in January to make it more fun next time around? Starting to plan in January and February is, in fact, your best chance of being more organised for the next festive season. Not only that, it’ll make the whole of 2022 […]

How to give Christmas presents people really want

For lots of us, gift giving is a big part of Christmas. But how do you make sure you’re picking presents that people really want? Buying the ‘right’ gift can feel like a lot of pressure, and I think most people have at least one person on their Christmas gift list who is particularly difficult […]