Why January is the perfect month to start planning next Christmas

When it comes to Christmas, I always say the earlier you start planning the better. This is why I think January is the perfect month to start.

It can save you a lot of money and stress – and means you’ll have time to have fun when December finally arrives. This, for me, is by far the most important win!

The previous Christmas is still fresh in your mind in January, so you can remember what went well, what could be improved next time, and it’s the best time to start filling in your Christmas planner or making to-do lists.

It also means you can complete just one or two small tasks each week, and by autumn you’ll only have last-minute things like food shopping left on your list. 

You can also take your time and enjoy Christmas throughout the year!

If you can afford to and have the storage space, it’s also a good time to snap up some bargains on Christmas cards, wrapping paper and stocking fillers in the January sales.

I find keeping a list of everything I have in stock super useful – and stops me panic buying in November and December and ending up with duplicates.

It’s also helpful to review your Christmas decorations before you store them away, getting rid of any that are tired or broken – and perhaps picking up some new ones in the sales. 

I bought some beautiful new decorations for the Christmas tree at my local garden centre last week, and they were all a bargain at 50% off!

Stocking up throughout the year and making use of sales also helps spread the cost of Christmas – and allows me to make considered purchases that are within my budget.

It might seem super early, but if you’re going to be hosting Christmas, even a small gathering can take a lot of time to organise.

So I like to plan who I’m inviting, menus, shopping lists and entertainment very early in the year so I know what I’m working towards.

Often starting a job is the hardest part, so if you get going with small tasks in January, you’re much more likely to work on plans throughout the year and be Christmas Organised by December!

Do you start planning Christmas in January – or is it too early for you? Let me know! 

Alex x

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