Keep Christmas plans on track: invest in self-care

As coronavirus restrictions were lifted, my diary filled up with social events and work seems busier too. 

It’s taking a bit of getting used to – and I have less time to think about Christmas planning! 

How are you feeling?

Easing of restrictions is undoubtedly positive but, all of a sudden, you might feel like you’re under increased time pressure.

I’d definitely got used to my lockdown routine, and although it was horrible not to be able to see family and friends, the lack of social commitments freed up both time and energy for Christmas planning.

For me it’s tempting to make lots of plans and say yes to every invitation I receive, but I keep reminding myself there’s no need to do everything at once

Prioritise what’s important

So I’m trying to be realistic about what I’m able to get done each day and prioritise the things that matter the most.

We need to continue being kind to ourselves and practise self-care to help us through these strange times.

If we don’t we’ll burn out and end up further behind with everything in our lives, including Christmas planning!

Sometimes I ask myself if I’m being lazy when I prioritise my well-being above my to-do list – but it’s a crucial part of staying well, especially when we’re working through challenging situations like the pandemic.

Do something you enjoy

You might feel you don’t have time to do something for yourself, but even five or 10 minutes of quiet contemplation, doing something you enjoy, focusing on your breath or a quick stroll in the sunshine can really help you take stock and feel better.

Try putting your phone away for at least a few minutes a day – they’re so useful in our busy lives, but they can also be very draining if you have a lot of screen time. Sit with your thoughts for a few minutes or go for a walk instead.

Doing things we enjoy is also important, whether that’s a hobby, exercise or something creative.

If crafting brings you joy, this might involve making Christmas presents, cards or decorations – or creating something that’s entirely for you.

Be kind to yourself

As well as ‘doing’ things that help you look after you, try to notice how you talk to yourself. 

If I’m not careful, my internal dialogue is all about not stopping and getting more and more things done, no matter how tired and burned out I might feel. It’s exhausting!

But if we overdo it and suffer burn out, we’re good for nothing. So I’m making a point of allowing myself to rest and take care of myself, especially at the moment.

I’m having lots of baths, reading loads and having early nights – and I have to say it’s really helping me recharge.

Go on, give it a try – you deserve it.

Alex x

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