How to make Christmas organising more fun

As much as I love Christmas, there are still some festive tasks I enjoy less than others – but I’ve found that making them feel more like fun can be a massive help.

Have you ever tried this tactic?

Injecting a bit of fun can really increase motivation, which means you’re more likely to get things done in good time – and you’ll be less stressed and able to enjoy yourself more when Christmas arrives!

For example, writing Christmas cards is one of the jobs that often loiters on my to do list for much longer than it should. I’m fine once I’ve started, but because it feels like such a big task I have a tendency to procrastinate.

When I asked on social media, lots of you also tended to put off the jobs you like the least – but you find playing your favourite upbeat music (both Christmassy and non-Christmassy!) can really help.

This is a brilliant way to distract yourself from the more mundane aspects of Christmas planning.
Here are some more tips for how to make getting Christmas organising done much more fun:

Listen to an audiobook

If there’s a book you’re dying to read, try borrowing the audiobook from the library (most now allow you download them from an app for free) or sign up to a free trial with Audible.

You can then listen while you’re getting more practical tasks done, which will help keep you entertained – and before you know it you will have enjoyed the whole book! 

If audiobooks aren’t your thing, watching a film while you’re completing tasks that don’t involve much moving around could be an excellent alternative.

Phone a friend

Another way to add fun to mundane festive tasks is to catch up with friends and family on the phone while you complete them.

Arrange to speak to people in advance so it’s a good time for both of you, put them on speakerphone or grab your Airpods, and chat while you work. 

The time will fly by – and before you know it you’ll be crossing another one of your least favourite Christmas jobs off your to-do list.

Reward yourself

I’ve always used incentives to help motivate (and thank!) family members for help with Christmas planning – and more general tasks around the home.

During Covid-19 lockdowns I started using this technique to keep myself motivated and feeling cheerful.

For example, when I completed something from my to-do list, I’d reward myself with a takeaway hot chocolate from my favourite café, have a ‘cinema night’ in the living room or order a Thai takeaway via Deliveroo.

This also works well for Christmas planning, so work out what motivates you and give yourself a small reward once your least favourite tasks are done.

Get others involved

I’m a big proponent of delegation – not only can it help you reduce your Christmas stress levels, it can also help increase fun-levels!

So I suggest making one of your Christmas chores something you do with a friend or your partner. 

This way it becomes an opportunity to spend quality time with a loved-one, the job will get done twice as quickly – and it could even become a new Christmas tradition!

If you’re involving kids, try introducing some healthy competition by offering prizes to the child who does the best job or gets the work done fastest. 

Break tasks into small chunks

Rather than trying to spend a whole day doing a task you know you don’t enjoy, schedule in shorter amounts of time and get it done over a few days instead. 

This way it won’t seem like such a marathon effort and you’ll be less likely to procrastinate.

Take a break

Try to take a few minutes to yourself every hour. 

Making yourself a cup of tea, going for a short walk or just relaxing for a few minutes will help tasks seem much less onerous.

You can also try setting a time for when you’ll finish your task (whether it’s completed or not) and do something you enjoy instead.

This will give you something to aim for – and serve as another reward for the work you’ve got done. 

I hope these techniques will help make some of your least favourite Christmas tasks much more enjoyable!

Let me know how you get on and if you have any other ideas for making Christmas organising more fun!

Alex x

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