Delicious alternatives to turkey for Christmas dinner

Eating turkey on Christmas Day remains a popular tradition that’s observed by most people – but if it’s not your favourite meat, there are plenty of delicious alternatives to choose from. Whether you find turkey dry or bland, or you fancy trying a vegetarian or vegan option this year…I say go for it – it’s […]

My top five advent calendar ideas

Advent calendars are an important part of Christmas for lots of children, adults…and pets!  But do you know how and when the Advent calendar tradition began? Here’s a short history for you to impress your friends with and share with children. German-born Gerhard Lang is considered to be the producer of the first printed Advent […]

Christmas traditions inspiration from around the world

Every year I look forward to Christmas traditions that my family and I have celebrated for as long as I can remember – some of them since my childhood. But it can be good to introduce some new ones from time to time, especially if you’re not finding your existing ones enjoyable anymore! For example, […]